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How’s Your Prayer Life?

How’s Your Prayer Life?

by Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones

What is the place of prayer in your life? What prominence does it have in our lives? It is a question that I address to all. It is as necessary that it should reach the man who is well versed in the Scripture, and who has a knowledge of its doctrine and its theology, as that it should reach anyone else. What part does prayer play in our lives and how essential is it to us? Do we realize that without it we faint? Our ultimate position as Christians is tested by the character of our prayer life. It is more important than knowledge and understanding. Do not imagine that I am detracting from the importance of knowledge. I spend most of my life trying to show the importance of having a knowledge of truth and an understanding of it. That is vitally important. There is only one thing that is more important, and that is prayer. The ultimate test of my understanding of the Scriptural teaching is the amount of time I spend in prayer. As theology is ultimately the knowledge of God, the more theology I know, the more it should drive me to seek to know God. Not to know about Him, but to know Him. The whole object of salvation is to bring me to a knowledge of God. I may talk learnedly about regeneration, but what is eternal life? It is that they might know Thee, the only true God in Jesus Christ whom God has sent. If all my knowledge does not lead me to prayer there is something wrong somewhere. It is meant to do that. The value of the knowledge is that it gives me such an understanding of the value of prayer, that I devote time to prayer and delight in prayer. If it does not product these results in my life, there is something wrong and spurious about it, or else I am handling it in a wrong manner. Source:

Unfathomable Grace!

God we praise you for your unfathomable grace. Though we deserved punishment for our sins, you were lavishly merciful to the world. In love and justice you gathered our iniquities, and you laid them upon your Son so that we might be forgiven. Enable us now by your Holy Spirit to turn from our own way in order to follow the way of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Guard us from conceited, self-righteous acts and from apathetic obedience to your commands. For those of us struggling with a spirit of rebellion, resistance, resentment, or doubt, we pray that you would grant them a spirit of peace. Thank you God for sharing with us your overwhelming victory over death. In the name of Jesus Christ and for his sake we pray, Amen.

Compiled by Colton Tatham is the Student Ministries Pastoral Intern at The Orchard Evangelical Free Church (@theorchardefc) in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

A Thanksgiving Prayer for 2015

Heavenly Father, in the lovely name of Jesus we approach Your throne of grace! In Jesus precious name we thank You for Your lovingkindness extended to us through our Savior, Jesus Christ. We acknowledge that only through Jesus can we possess Your mercy, peace and joy. We have nowhere else to turn for such virtues found only in our exalted Advocate, Jesus Christ the Righteous One. Oh what comfort is ours through Jesus. We seek fulfillment in such small places. Fulfillment does not come through things; it is found only in a person, Jesus Christ our Lord! Our hearts are filled with gratitude for Your goodness to us. We are undeserving, but You are most gracious by extending Your mercy to us. On this Thanksgiving Day we give You humble praise for Who You are. You are more sufficient than we acknowledge! You are kinder than we deserve. You are our God; we do not deserve You or Your blessings. Accept our thanks in the wonderful name of Jesus, our Lord and Master! Amen!

Written by Pastor Mike Meshaw


Happy Thanksgiving! We are so blessed by the Lord… He is Good! It goes without saying that we have seen the Lord at work through Grace Church. In a day when many are looking for hope and peace, we have it! Thankful hearts are peaceful hearts! Thankful people take time to consider the goodness of God! Sometimes we get so busy we run right past the blessings of God and miss out on what He has for us! Join me and let’s knit our hearts together and bless the Lord for His goodness! Take a few minutes and ponder the truth of Psalm 95:1-3, “O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto Him with psalms. For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods.” David knew how to be thankful, let’s join him!

An Uptown Christmas is less than a month away! Let’s pray for our Grace Church Choir and work daily to see that Greenville hears the Christmas story from a church that cares about our city! You have heard me say it before, no one has ever presented an outdoor Christmas event like An Uptown Christmas. I am excited to be a part of something new and fresh. Do your part, by praying, inviting your friends and by attending at least one presentation at the Town Commons if not both! The Lord wants to use us… let Him use you anyway He chooses! Let’s bring “Glad tidings of great joy” to our community and let’s do it together!

In closing, today I have received notes from Dr. Tom Bartlett and Carmen Moyer about ENGAGE! My heart was moved when I thought about how big our God is and how much He wants to use us. Tom and Carmen shared how much they were blessed and refreshed in their work for the Lord. Tom’s letter referenced his church plant near Washington and Carmen is moving forward in her desire to join the International Mission Board as a missionary! TOGETHER we are making a difference. If at all possible, please add to your missions giving. You will not regret it!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your holiday and I will see you Sunday!

Serving Jesus Together!

Mike and Cheryl <><

Dr. Tom Bartlett – Missions Update

Dr. Tom Bartlett about ENGAGE… Grace Church we are making a difference!

Dear Grace Church Missions Team,

Thank you so much for the excellent missions conference. It was so well done. I was refreshed by the God-centered music, the wonderful fellowship, the food, and of course the presentations video and live.

I love be being part of the Grace Church Family and serving in the Gospel work on your behalf here in the DC area. This week we baptize our first converts.

Our attendance is growing each week and breaking records almost weekly!

Thank you for your support.

Dr. Tom Bartlett

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OUTWARD>>> 11/18/2015

Thank you for supporting ENGAGE 2015! Praise the Lord… HE blessed His church… HE is good! Psalm 100:5, For the LORD is good; HIS mercy is everlasting; and HIS truth endureth to all generations.” YES… after weeks of prayer and hard work, Jesus was honored. We focused on HIS GREAT COMMISSION for HIS church! I cannot call out all of the names of those who helped, you know who you are… THANK YOU!!! Every missionary guest thanked me for allowing them to come. Dr. Alvin Reid and Dr. Tom Bartlett want to return to next years ENGAGE 2016! We might take them up on their request! My prayers from months back were answered… OUR VISION FOR MISSIONS IS GROWING… AND ALL OF US SHARE IN THE BLESSING THAT GOES ALONG WITH IT!!! 
If you were not able to attend, but would like to give an offering for the missionaries, please do so! You can do that this Sunday or go online at and designate your gift for ENGAGE 2015. Your gifts will go directly to missions at Grace Church! You can make a difference by giving to missions anytime! THANK YOU for your monthly support for missions at Grace Church. We require around $4000.00 each month. REMEMBER… you cannot out give the Lord! Our MISSION is the GREAT COMMISSION!
THANKSGIVING DAY is close at hand! I hope you can join us next Tuesday evening for our Grace Church Family Thanksgiving Dinner. The food is awesome and the fellowship makes it even better! With a little fun tossed in, you will enjoy yourself! Sign up this Sunday at the Welcome Center or in your Sunday School class. Enjoy your THANKSGIVING DAY with family and friends. Be safe if you travel… Lord bless you!
I am excited about our upcoming UPTOWN CHRISTMAS presentations on Sunday, December 13 and Sunday, December 20. You know me, I am not a fan of cold weather. But regardless of the temperature, I will be there! Mark your calendars and invite your family and friends. AN UPTOWN CHRISTMAS is Greenville’s first ever Christmas presentation at the TOWN COMMONS. Be a part of something special… BE THERE AND BRING SOME FOLKS WITH YOU! Merry Christmas Greenville… Grace Church welcomes you to celebrate Christmas with us at the TOWN COMMONS! 

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