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The Bad News First – Romans 1:18-32

Romans 1-18-32-SERMON-11-22-2015-AM


OUTWARD>>> 11/18/2015

Thank you for supporting ENGAGE 2015! Praise the Lord… HE blessed His church… HE is good! Psalm 100:5, For the LORD is good; HIS mercy is everlasting; and HIS truth endureth to all generations.” YES… after weeks of prayer and hard work, Jesus was honored. We focused on HIS GREAT COMMISSION for HIS church! I cannot call out all of the names of those who helped, you know who you are… THANK YOU!!! Every missionary guest thanked me for allowing them to come. Dr. Alvin Reid and Dr. Tom Bartlett want to return to next years ENGAGE 2016! We might take them up on their request! My prayers from months back were answered… OUR VISION FOR MISSIONS IS GROWING… AND ALL OF US SHARE IN THE BLESSING THAT GOES ALONG WITH IT!!! 
If you were not able to attend, but would like to give an offering for the missionaries, please do so! You can do that this Sunday or go online at and designate your gift for ENGAGE 2015. Your gifts will go directly to missions at Grace Church! You can make a difference by giving to missions anytime! THANK YOU for your monthly support for missions at Grace Church. We require around $4000.00 each month. REMEMBER… you cannot out give the Lord! Our MISSION is the GREAT COMMISSION!
THANKSGIVING DAY is close at hand! I hope you can join us next Tuesday evening for our Grace Church Family Thanksgiving Dinner. The food is awesome and the fellowship makes it even better! With a little fun tossed in, you will enjoy yourself! Sign up this Sunday at the Welcome Center or in your Sunday School class. Enjoy your THANKSGIVING DAY with family and friends. Be safe if you travel… Lord bless you!
I am excited about our upcoming UPTOWN CHRISTMAS presentations on Sunday, December 13 and Sunday, December 20. You know me, I am not a fan of cold weather. But regardless of the temperature, I will be there! Mark your calendars and invite your family and friends. AN UPTOWN CHRISTMAS is Greenville’s first ever Christmas presentation at the TOWN COMMONS. Be a part of something special… BE THERE AND BRING SOME FOLKS WITH YOU! Merry Christmas Greenville… Grace Church welcomes you to celebrate Christmas with us at the TOWN COMMONS! 

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OUTWARD>>> November 11, 2015

Wow… things are moving forward! “ENGAGE” is this weekend! Almost everything is set! Thank you ladies for your good work of putting food together for “ENGAGE.” Thank you Sunday School classes for providing gift baskets for our missionary guests! Thank you Michael and Julie Adams and Sonya Hall for getting help for our “ENGAGE” children’s worship times! Thank you Jason, Grace Church Choir and musicians for planning music for our worship services. Thank you Sound Room folks for your time and effort! Thank you Kent Bryson for cutting out our “ENGAGE” letters… they are just right! Thank you to our ladies in our Wednesday evening Bible studies for helping with our mailouts! Thank you to everyone who is set to serve our missionaries dinner on Saturday evening. Thank you Christy for your help in the office with letters and cards. Thank you to Stuart Robertson for cleaning up our tables and chairs. Thank you to those I have overlooked… thank the Lord for you! As you can see, a lot has been done to make sure we are ready for our missions conference. Last, but not least, a big thank you to everyone who plans to attend these special services… you will be blessed!   
MISSION is revealed in Scripture as God’s overall plan to restore that which was lost in Eden. MISSION is God’s idea, rooted in God’s love for sinners. MISSION is at the heart of every word in Scripture. MISSION is at the heart of why God called together His church. MISSION is what happened at Calvary, the grave and the empty tomb. MISSION is the heart of the OT and the NT! God’s MISSION is our MISSION through Jesus and the Gospel. Embrace MISSION church and experience the deepest pleasure’s of God! MISSIONS is our MISSION! Without MISSION we are purposeless and vision-less. With MISSION we bring great joy to our God in heaven!
THANKSGIVING is just ahead! Sign-up for our annual THANKSGIVING FAMILY DINNER on Tuesday evening, November 24 at 6:30 pm. This is always a fun time for us all! We fellowship together around dinner, we meet new people as we reflect on the goodness of God! IT’S ALWAYS GOOD TO COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. You can sign-up in Sunday School or at the Welcome Center. Try to make it; you will have a great time! 1 Thessalonians 5:18 “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”
Remember to pray for each other. The Lord has brought us together at this crucial time in world history. Jesus may come today… we must be ready to meet the Lord. If you are not a believer, invite Jesus into your heart for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life!

Keep your eyes on Jesus, He has His eyes on you… HE CANNOT FAIL!

Searching for happiness… Acts 5:42

Searching… many people are searching for what they think will bring them happiness and fulfillment in life. We all know people like this. They are never satisfied! They cannot be satisfied… they are looking to this world for their satisfaction. Here’s the truth-ONLY JESUS SATISFIES! These unsatisfied people are all around us. They are friends and family members. They are coworkers and neighbors. What do they need? Better yet, WHO do they need? They need Jesus! I like what Acts 5:42 says about the early followers of Christ. It says, “They ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.” Brothers and sisters, let’s not give up our opportunities to share Christ. The world around us is going to hell without Jesus… let’s not let them go without us sharing the “Good News” of the Gospel with them! They need Jesus, and we need to tell them about Him!

Prayer and Meditation on II Corinthians 5:21

2 Corinthians 5:21 For He (The Father) hath made Him (Jesus, The Son) to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him (Jesus).

Father God we praise You for Your perfect righteousness. There is no fairer nor more merciful a judge than You, and we confess that we do not deserve Your forgiveness for the sins we’ve committed. Though we have wronged You, betrayed You, and hated You in so many ways, we thank You for the unbelievable gift of freedom from the power of sin in our lives. Help us to always remember the cost of our freedom and to never forget how Jesus has dealt with our sins at the cross. Help us to also grow in our awareness of the sins that taint our lives so that we would learn to hate our sins like You do. Shine the light of Your Holy Spirit into the dark places of our hearts so that we might better know and repent of our sins for Your glory. Thank You so much for reconciling us through the Gospel to make us Your righteous servants. Use us to proclaim your good news boldly to others this week. We pray all this in the name of Jesus and for His sake, Amen.

Compiled by Colton Tatham is the Student Ministries Pastoral Intern at The Orchard Evangelical Free Church (@theorchardefc) in Arlington Heights, Illinois.