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Thinking Out Loud!

A few months ago I began a series of messages through The Revelation. As you know it has 22 chapters and we are now in chapter 7. This has pricked my interest in the Second Coming of Christ and what the Bible says about it. I have taught The Revelation before but for some reason this time I have a somewhat deeper interest. I hope you will join us on Sunday evenings at 5:30PM for these messages. Each week I teach verse by verse through a number of verses. These messages are informative and current. Each week I seek to apply the Scriptures to our everyday lives. You will enjoy the study. I normally finish my message at 6:30PM. We have some wonderful singing and good fellowship in this evening service as well.

Recently the Lord has also been working on me about Scripture memory. I have decided to work on this area of my spiritual life. Scripture memory requires serious discipline. The benefits of memorizing Scripture are huge. Listen to Psalm 119:9-11 Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word. 10 With my whole heart have I sought thee: O let me not wander from thy commandments. 11 Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. This is a life changing truth! Think about it; maybe you can join me and let’s do some Scripture memory together!

REMINDER: On Sunday morning our Grace Church Children’s Choir will be singing two songs! They are doing a great job! Plan to be in Sunday’s service to hear them. They meet on Wednesday evenings for a Bible lesson and to practice their singing. Last week they had 18 children. If your children are not involved they should be! This is a great opportunity for your children to sing for the glory of God. I hope you will take advantage of this good ministry!

Also, if you did not have a copy of our Faith Promise Missions Ministry brochure… please pick up a copy when you come to the services. Thank you for supporting FPM! Obedience to the Great Commission is essential for every Christian church!!! We exist as worshippers for the purpose of making Christ known to the nations! Please get involved in FPM by giving financially to support our present missionaries. THANK YOU!

Christ Above All!

Mike and Cheryl <><  



Belarusian Project 2017

The CHILDREN OF BELARUS will be with us for the month of July! Already families are preparing for the arrival of the children. The medical and dental appointments are being made and the interpreter is getting ready for this important time. Hosting these beautiful children takes organization, prayer, and finances. The Pettitt and Thorpe families will be hosting Anna, the interpreter, this year and will be offering a lunch immediately after our 11:00 AM Morning Worship service on Sunday, April 23rd. This lunch will include a luscious salad, main course, and some amazing desserts. Suggested donation: $5.00 (children under 5 free). Please let us know if you plan on attending! Signup at

Thank You!

“Jesus’ disciples stole His body!” REALLY?

“His disciples came by night and stole Him away.” What? Those eleven men were off somewhere cowering in fear, John 20:19. They were so scared that when He was arrested, they fled in fear. They were so afraid that only one of their number was brave enough to go to the crucifixion. They were so afraid that they allowed the women to go to the tomb to finish preparing the body. These men would never have stolen that body. They were just too afraid! Besides that, all of them but John, and he was boiled in oil, died for their faith. They were persecuted to death because they preached the resurrection from the dead! If it were not true would they have died for it? If don’t think so!

John 20:19 Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews, came Jesus and stood in the midst, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you.

Source: Pastor Alan Carr

Why do people give? By James Emery White

That’s easy. They give from the heart, to vision. Let’s start off with the “from” part. All giving is a matter of the heart. I can’t think of anything more counter-cultural than parting with resources. If someone gives, they do it because something deep and internal has been affected.

A lot of teaching on stewardship is guilt-based, even fear-based. I don’t like it, and I don’t think it’s biblical. Yes, the Bible teaches that there are blessings with giving. Yes, the Bible teaches that any act of obedience or disobedience has consequence. But that’s not what God wants to motivate us.

I was recently reading through Exodus and was amazed (again) to read how Moses had to tell the people to stop giving because they had more than they needed to construct all that God had commanded in terms of the Tabernacle. Any of you pastors ever have to preach that message? But their hearts were so taken that they couldn’t stop giving to the God who had liberated them from every bondage.

This is why Paul, in the New Testament, instructed people to give from their hearts. He knew it was the most powerful area to scour for motivation and obligation for the needs of the kingdom of God.

But people don’t just give “from,” but “to.” And what they give “to” is vision. Vision is the destination. The goal. The Promised Land.

For Meck, it’s 20,000 active attenders with ministry in 20 countries. That’s 20,000 changed lives. That’s partnering with 20 incredibly-needy partners who are doing God’s work in ways we never could. That’s making a difference with our one and only life in ways few could ever imagine.

We teach people that giving is an act of worship. And, of course, it is. But it is more than money. It is the giving of our hearts, and then the commitment of our wills to the cause. And God smiles on the giver. And God honors the giver. And God gives to the giver. No wonder people give.


On Mission with Jesus!

Hello Grace Church Family and Friends!

Recently Cheryl and I traveled over 16,000 miles to and from Kenya! It really was a great trip. Our April, 2016 version of the same trip was filled with schedule changes and flight time changes. It was awfully tiring! Our recent trip was much better. One thing that I noticed was the people. People from all over the world filled the airport waiting areas. I asked myself the question, “I wonder how many of these people know Jesus? I wondered how many of them had heard any form of Gospel presentation. At times it was overwhelming to conclude that they were in darkness without a witness for Christ! I want to encourage you to do two things: 1) Be a witness for Jesus. Share with others what someone else shared with you. Sharing your story of how you came to Christ is a powerful to spread the “Good News.” 2) Give to our Faith Promise Missions Ministry. If we all gave out of what the Lord has given us, we could add some new missionaries. We could expand our mission outreach! Right now we have some wonderful families needing our support. Do your part to financially support our missions outreach. Just this week one of the families that came to ENGAGE 2016 called and asked if we could support them. They are ready and willing to go to South Africa. I am asking you to do something special… support families that want to go overseas to evangelize and make disciples for Christ. Join me and Cheryl and give to Faith Promise Missions. If you already give and can add to what you are presently giving, that would be awesome. Let’s come together and support the Great Commission. Sharing and giving go together. You do not have to be a member of Grace Church to give to missions. Go online at There you can designate your gift for missions. You will not regret giving to missions. You will in fact feel honored to help others go because you gave!

On Saturday, April 15 from 11:00AM-1:00PM we are hosting a Children’s Easter Activity. We will have an Easter egg hunt and lunch together at our picnic area. This is will be a fun-time for your family and for our church. This activity is also an opportunity for you to invite your friends to join you. What a great way to introduce them to your church. Our Sunday School classes are helping us with candy and food for lunch. Don’t miss it! If you have any questions, please see Pastor Jamin and Kelly or call Seth at 252-355-3500. They can help you with your questions!

Easter Sunday is April 16! Pastor Jamin and our worship ministries have some tremendous music and singing planned for our Easter Celebration. The theme for our Easter Worship Service is ALL RISE! The Lord is worthy of every ounce of praise we can give Him!!! Psalm 150:6 says, Let everything that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD. YES! Easter is going to be a great time of honoring our Risen Lord! I can’t wait! Pray with me for EASTER SUNDAY! 

Commitment… Christ Above All!

Mike and Cheryl <><