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Silence is not an option!

Have you been beaten up or persecuted for Christ lately? Have you been falsely accused? The early church faced these situations on a daily basis! They were hauled before the Sanhedrin for sharing the “Good News” about Jesus. I imagine they thought they were going to die. But, they didn’t! When faced with these situations they said, “We cannot but speak of the things that we have heard and seen!” You know we should feel the same way about Jesus. We should be like the early church in this sense. They felt compelled to speak for Christ and the Gospel. Silence was not an option. And silence is not an option for us as well! Let’s all look for opportunities to speak a good, clear word for Christ! Let’s look for open doors to share our faith! We all have these opportunities. So join me and let’s tell someone about Jesus today!

Acts 4:20 For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.

ENGAGE 2017 is just ahead! The full schedule for ENGAGE 2017 will be available on Sunday. It will also be online at The conference begins on Friday, November 3 with a “free dinner” for everyone attending. Take advantage of this “free dinner” and invite your family and friends. You can sign-up online at We have to know how much food to prepare, so do this as soon as possible. This year’s conference is going to be “family friendly” as well as “kid friendly.” Make time to pray for ENGAGE 2017 with your family! Ask the Lord to speak to your heart and to theirs as well. As we submit to the Lord He will work in our lives! Let’s do this together! God bless you!

Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord. Your faithfulness to Christ makes an eternal difference! You may not realize it, but people are watching you and me. Let’s show them Jesus! Let them see Jesus in you! As we make much of Him, He will draw folks to Himself!

John 12:32 And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me.

Commitment: Christ Above All!


ENGAGE 2017 Update 10/22/17

ENGAGE 2017 is just ahead. ENGAGE begins on Friday night, November 3 at 5:45PM. Kenneth and Faye Smith are preparing a tremendous dinner for everyone. Mark your bulletin tab today. Pastor Terry and his wife LuAnn will open our conference. Terry will bring our first message at 6:45PM. Terry is an accomplished chalk artist. Last year the kids loved the Coats family… you will too! Our Grace Church Choir and singers will present Spirit filled music!

Missionary Pastor Daniel Shrader will be preaching on Sunday, November 5 at 11:00AM. Daniel and Meredith are long time missionary servants. You need to hear Daniel… you can be assured that his message will touch our hearts for Christ and missions. Also, Cowboy Larry Hudson with Child Evangelism Fellowship will be here for our parents and children. Larry’s ministry will touch Grace Church in unique ways!

ENGAGE Prayer Team… keep praying! ENGAGE Blessing Team… bless our missionary guests in the name of Jesus! They will be grateful! Let’s make ENGAGE 2017 a fruitful work for missions! Invite your friends and family members… bless them in the name above all names ~ JESUS!                                                          ~ Pastor Mike and Cheryl <><

He’s Able!

Just after I was saved my Christian friends introduced me to a new song. The song was entitled, He’s Able. It was just a short chorus of a few words. As a baby Christian virtually everything I learned was new and fresh… including the song, He’s Able. When I look back on my new birth the words of this little chorus come flooding back into my mind and heart! They remind me that regardless of what happens in my life the LORD is able to bring me through. What a Great God we serve. Brothers and sisters, we all go through tough trying times. Yes, we all get beat up in various ways. Yes, we all face times of defeat and depression. Yet, our Great God is always faithful. He’s a God of all comfort as Paul says. Here’s what I want you to remember. Always know this… HE’S ABLE… OUR GOD IS ABLE TO BRING US THROUGH! HE HEALS THE BROKEN HEARTED, AND HE SETS THE CAPTIVE FREE! Here’s the bottom line… Our God is able to see us through!

2017 (75 days left) has been a great year for us at Grace Church. As the year moves forward the Lord continues to send us new people. This past Sunday I met a new family (Drove 30 miles to visit us) they located us on the internet. One guy told me that, “Grace Church is Greenville’s best kept secret.” I was quick to tell him that we don’t want our church to be “Greenville’s best kept secret.” I want people all over Greenville and Pitt County to know that Jesus came to provide us a way of deliverance from our sins! JESUS came to die so that we might live! Let me say it this way. Think with me about the great opportunity that we have to touch our community for Jesus’ sake! You know it and I know it, people all around us are hurting, they are without hope, they need Jesus. Let’s make Him known. Let’s do our part to share the “Good News of Christ” until He comes again. Somebody told you about Jesus; now you go and tell someone else about HIM!

Church family and friends, mark your calendars, ENGAGE 2017 is coming soon! Our annual Missions Conference begins on Friday night, November 3 at 5:45 pm with an evening dinner. Signups will be available Sunday for the dinner. Our first service of ENGAGE 2017 will begin at 6:45 pm with a Gospel message related to missions. Pastor Terry Coats will challenge us from God’s Word accompanied by one of his awesome chalk drawings. Last year our kids loved Terry and LuAnn Coats. This year we get to hear him preach and see him draw out his thoughts! We will no doubt be challenged by God to be a missionary. See you there!!!

Jesus Christ is our Risen Lord and Coming King!

Mike and Cheryl <><