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Dear God of Heaven and Earth,

Our hearts are resting in You! We rest in Your unchanging grace! We rest in Your unfailing love! We rest in Your tender mercies! We are at peace with You and within ourselves knowing that we can trust You. Lord, Your faithfulness strengthens our resolve to be faithful to You until we enter Your presence, as Your sons and daughters. Our hearts are overflowing with thanksgiving and praise. We bless Your holy name! Thank You for watching over us. Thank You for supplying our daily needs. Thank You for Your promises upon which we stand. We are secure in Your everlasting Word that leads us to confess our sins and failures. Cleanse our hearts and give us influence among those that are lost in their sins and do not know Jesus. Let us be light! Let us light up this dark world so that others may see the glorious light of Your saving Gospel. Let us rejoice that we know You and that You know us. We are Your sheep; yes, the sheep of Your pasture. As Your church, we are thankful, and we are grateful! Our hearts overflow knowing that Jesus is coming again and that it may be today! In His precious and holy name we pray, Amen!



A Prayer: Facing Life’s Brevity!

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come before You in the name of Jesus, Your blessed Son and our glorious Savior. Thank You for Your saving grace and healing mercy. Without Jesus we have no hope of enjoying Your presence forever. Our moment by moment assurance rests upon His finished work at Calvary. We rejoice in the sufficiency of Jesus’ sacrifice! He is our all in all! We look to You for hope as we contemplate the brevity of this life. Knowing life slips away so quickly, we rest on Your lovingkindness for peace of mind. Some refuse to accept the randomness of death and are therefore hopeless. Lord God, knowing Jesus strengthens us in the face of our enemy called death, we glory in His cross. Thank You that Jesus slew death and in the process gained for us an eternal home in glory! You are our King, and we willingly fall before You as humble followers of Jesus! In His glorious name we pray! Amen!

A Huge “ENGAGE 2018” Thank you!


Dear Grace Church Family and Friends!

THANK YOU for allowing the Lord to use you! ENGAGE 2018 was without a doubt our best mission’s conference yet! First, the Lord answered our prayers. He was faithful to His people. Pastor Tom was the right man with the right message! The presence of the Lord was obvious in every service. Secondly, your sacrifice of time, effort and money made a huge difference. I watched you and was blessed by what I saw. We had more volunteers this year than ever before! OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD was awesome! Thirdly, the response from our speakers and missionaries was tremendous. Throughout last week I received messages from our guests. The Lord used you to encourage and bless each one of them! Honestly, I could go on and on about how the Lord blessed Grace Church and ENGAGE 2018. I deeply appreciate you stepping up and letting the Lord use you!!! Cheryl and I are blessed to be a part of Grace Church!

Last week Pastor Jamin, Pastor Chuck, and I, along with our Administrative Assistant Vicki Valerioti reviewed ENGAGE 2018. We all noted the good things! We also listed things that need to be improved. We discussed the schedule, the speakers, the services, the timeframes, the ENGAGE KID’S CONNECTIONS, and the date for next year’s conference. If you have questions or input please feel free to send them our way. Forward your thoughts to One of the beautiful things about ENGAGE is that we work together and fellowship for hours on this mission’s emphasis weekend! We love the time with you!

Let me encourage you to give prayerful consideration to your mission’s giving. Some of you may need to start giving to missions, while others may want to increase your giving. EVERY Christian should give to missions. Do it and see how the Lord uses you! Our Faith Promise’s Missions Team also reviewed ENGAGE. They are presently considering new missionaries and mission efforts that we can support. Anthony and Lori Willis, Chuck Barber, Roger Thorpe, Darlene Wade and Cheryl Meshaw serve on this oversight team. These are mission’s minded people who take seriously their work for missions at Grace Church! Giving to missions will always be a priority at Grace Church. Our local missionaries love coming to ENGAGE for their Breakout Sessions. We love having them as well!

THANK YOU again for supporting ENGAGE and FAITH PROMISE MISSIONS at Grace Church! When you support missions, you support the Lord’s work among the nations!

For The Nations,

Mike, Jamin and Chuck <><